Fall 2010

Fall 2010

What's Inside

Letter from the editors.

Cover Girls

The contrast could not have been starker. On one day in August two glossy magazines showed up in my mailbox. One, the Barnard Magazine, showed three beautiful young women, elegantly dressed and beaming, holding champagne glasses and enjoying the festivities around their fifth reunion. The other,

TIME, depicted a once equally beautiful woman, looking out from her head shawl and into the camera, revealing nothing. Her nose had been cut clean off—punishment by the Taliban, the article explained, for having fled her abusive in-laws. The woman, Aisha, was 18.

Dog Days

Man's best friend but definitely not human

Special Scholars

What they did on summer break...

Lab Improvements

National Science Foundation grant is instrumental

Star Professor

Forging careers in science

Race and Ethnicity Studies

Students and faculty collaborate on a breakthrough program